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contact info for sharing your faith stories - cwgross at gmail (you know how to format it)

I have a new book on Amazon that combines 75 encouraging episodes of my two books.
You could purchase the Kindle version on Amazon/paperback available too (link is here)
It is 279 pages of encouragement!
Oh, and if you'd like a free PDF version of this new book, just send me an email with EL75 in the subject line. Send the email to cwgross at gmail.com. (you know how to format it)
JUST PUT-> EL75 in the Subject Line! That's it! I'll send you version 2 of the PDF.

Checkout my new AUTHOR page at Amazon!
The Charlie Gross Author Page at Amazon!

Encouragement and Hope: God's word for everyday life!
It's available in paperback or Kindle version.  

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Here's a link to the first book - Encouragement: hope for your path  

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Encouraging Words by Charlie Gross podcast

Lancaster Newspaper Faith & Values article Aug 15, 2020

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Encouraged by Work

Encouraged by Leisure

Encouraged by Patience

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Here's the link to my book titled, Creative Leadership Ideas  

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A great compilation of 23 amazing thinkers! The image below is of the Kindle version.

Here's the link to my NEWEST book titled, Achieving - The Story -  

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A quick read about how to get administrative things done with free internet resources. The image is below.

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Missional Church Conversations podcast.
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