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...last update: April 17, 2024

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Lancaster Newspaper article Aug 15, 2020 about my first book on Encouragement

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Encouraging Words by Charlie Gross podcast

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Encouraged by a Reflection (4/1/2024)

Encouraged by a Few Little Things (2/10/2024)

Encouraged by the number 37 (12/13/2023)

Encouraged by a Blanket (9/7/2023)

Encouraged by Braking for a Bird (8/19/2023)

Encouraged by a Quick Answer to Prayer (8/14/2023)

Encouraged by Encouraging Words (7/29/2023)

Encouraged by a Fresh Scent (7/18/2023)

Encouraged by First Class (7/12/2023)

Encouraged by an Eager Little One (7/3/2023)

Encouraged by a One Two Punch of Positive Encouragement (4/27/2023)

Encouraged by Being On Time (4/9/2023)

Encouraged by Above and Beyond (4/3/2023)

Encouraged by Compliments (3/24/2023)

Encouraged by my Cat Part 2 (3/15/2023)

Encouraged by an Autoresponder (3/14/2023)

Encouraged by It's a Choice (3/4/2023)

Encouraged by a Strange Diet (3/1/2023)

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